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Map of the Quarries in Brazil

We get our granite from all over the globe. From the quarries of Brazil to the granite quarries of Africa.

Map of the Granite Granite Quarries in Brazil









Granite Starting at Only

Granite Sale in St Augustine

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At D'Angelo Design Center in St. Augustine Florida we celebrate granite by carrying some of the best granite in North Florida.

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The Granite in Your Kitchen or Bathroom comes from far away.


granite mountian

What is Granite and where do we get it from?

Granite being cut at D'Angelo Design Center in St. AugustineGranite is a widespread and widely occurring type of intrusive stone; this type of rock is formed from within the earth under conditions of intense heat and pressure. It's produced by the solidification of volcanic magma on or just below the Earth's surface. To find the granite that we use for your kitchen or bathroom remodel we literally dig and cut away millions of years of earth’s history to get the slab of granite that will enhance your home or kitchen counter top.


Granite is widely used for remodeling kitchens and bathrooms. But did you know it was used in the building of the Pyramids or the Temple of Brihadeeswarar in India.


Granite temple in india

Granite from the Earth to your Kitchen.

The granite is cut from the side of the mountain forming what is well known as the granite quarry and as the granite is cut from the mountain the quarry grows.


The granite is then taken from the quarry in large blocks weighing up to 21 tons or so. The Granite stone usually has a medium- to coarse-grained quality to it. The granite has crystals varying in different sizes and in the end this is what will give your piece of granite its uniqueness and individual beauty.



Some individual crystals are larger than the groundmass, in which case the texture is known as porphyritic, This gives the granite it unique style and look.


We take our granite very seriously.



granite on truckThe granite blocks are hauled off to the great cutting machines called Granite Gang Saws away from the quarry. One truck one granite block because the granite blocks are so heavy. The truck must travel to the plant where the Granite Gang Saw is. This can be a hair raising 5 to 10 miles away, depending on the age of the quarry.



They place the block of granite onto the Granite Gang Saw and this is when your granite slab is cut from its mother block of granite.

Gang Saw for cutting granite

The Granite Gang Saw


The Granite Slab is Almost Ready for Your Home

The granite slab that was just cut from the granite mother block is now going to be prepped and polished.


granite polished heads

Granite Slab Getting Polished



As a home owner knows the quality of granite counter tops will increase the value of your home and setting your home apart from all the other homes is not just important for reselling but also because there is nothing like granite counter tops to make your kitchen or bathroom stand apart from the rest.


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